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Weirdly Magical with Louise Edington - Astrology - Numerology - Weird Magic - Akashic Records

Mar 24, 2020

Listen to Jen and Lou of the Weirdly Magical Podcast rap about the energies of the Libra Full Moon of April 7/8th and how the focus is on our sacred marriage to each other and on restoring balance

Mar 6, 2020

In this special episode of the Weirdly Magical Podcast jJen and Lou interview author and coach Carolyn Elliott about her magically weird new book, "Existential Kink" which invites you to 'unmask your shadow and embrace your power'. Find Carolyn at,

Mar 4, 2020

Listen to Jen and Lou rap about the first New Moon of the Astrological Year and find out how there's a lot of new YOU energy contained therein. A little bit wild, a lot of healing but also a very contentious period!